Hosting Custom Plugin Indexes

Krew comes with a plugin index named default that points to the krew-index repository which allows centralized discovery through community curation.

However, you can host your own plugin indexes (and possibly remove/replace the default index). It’s not recommended to host your own plugin index, unless you have a use case such as:

  • your plugin is not accepted to krew-index
  • you want full control over the distribution lifecycle of your own plugin
  • you want to run a private plugin index in your organization (e.g. to be installed on developer machines)

Hosting your own custom index is simple:

  • Custom index repositories must be git repositories.
  • Your clients should have read access to the repository (if the repository is not public, users can still authenticate to it with SSH keys or other gitremote-helpers installed on the client machine).
  • The repository must contain a plugins/ directory at the root, with at least one plugin manifest in it. Plugin manifests should be directly in this directory.
  • Ensure plugin manifests are valid YAML and passes Krew manifest validation (optionally, you can use the validate-krew-manifest tool for static analysis).

Example plugin repository layout:

└── plugins/
    ├── plugin-a.yaml
    ├── plugin-b.yaml
    └── plugin-c.yaml
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