Plugin usage analytics

Krew does not track user behavior. However, for plugins that distribute their packages as assets on GitHub releases, Krew offers some statistics to track download analytics for your plugins over time.

To see your plugin’s download statistics over time:

  1. Visit the dashboard.
  2. Click the “Individual Plugin Stats” report.
  3. Choose your plugin from the dropdown and browse the data for your plugin.

This data is obtained by scraping the downloads count of your plugin assets via the GitHub API regularly. Since Krew does not track its users, this data:

  • does not reflect active installations
  • does not distinguish between installs, reinstalls, and upgrades
  • is purely a tracking of download counts of your release assets over time

Note: The Krew plugin stats dashboard is provided as a best effort by Krew maintainers to measure the success of Krew and its plugins. We cannot guarantee its availability and accuracy.

The scraping code can be found here.

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