Automating plugin updates

Normally, releasing a new version requires manual work and creating a pull request every time you have a new version.

However, you can use a Github Action to publish new releases of your Krew plugin.

Specifically, krew-release-bot is a Github Action to automatically bump the version in krew-index repo every time you push a new git tag to your repository:

  • It requires no secrets (e.g. GITHUB_TOKEN) to operate.
  • It creates your plugin manifest dynamically from a template you write.
  • It makes pull requests on your behalf to the krew-index repository.

Refer to the krew-release-bot documentation for details.

The Krew team strongly recommends automating your plugin’s releases. Trivial version bumps are automatically tested and merged without human intervention, usually under five minutes (see an example of bots talking to each other).

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